Waterproofing Solutions for Commercial, Industrial or Residential Buildings

Membrane Waterproofing

Roof & Deck Membranes

The waterproofing teams at Gunac use the best quality materials and have 40 years experience applying membranes.  Architects, landlords and construction companies trust Gunac to waterproof their most complex and intricate designs. We ensure your building is watertight.

High Perforrmence Waterproofing and coatings

Coatings & Sealants

With over 40 years of waterproofing experience not only will your walls and roofs receive the best quality waterproofing systems. These superior waterproofing solutions include coatings, sealants and expansion joints.  Whatever your requirement we will meet your needs.

Underground Tanking

Torch-on, Liquid or Bentonite Membranes or according to the architect’s specifications. Gunac will ensure your below-ground waterproofing requirements are satisfied. Producer statements and warranties are part of the peace of mind Gunac’s professional waterproofing service delivers to you.